manufacturing support

FLEX manages an efficient flow of raw materials, packaging, and other components to Los Angeles -area factories. Materials received and stored at our Ontario, California warehouse are managed and shuttled to factories to support just-in-time production.

custom development

No two businesses are alike, so why should their supply chain’s needs be alike? They’re not. No way, no how. We focus on the results the customer needs then we figure out how to achieve those results.  Do you have a warehousing and distribution need that’s not listed here?  Give us a call.

food distribution

Our food grade warehouse is AIB Certified and FDA Registered. We handle dry food, ingredients, supplements, organic products, alcohol, confections and more. Our WMS tracks lot numbers and dates. Orders can be placed and pulled by a specific lot number, item number, or tracking lot number.

Fulfillment Services

FLEX Logistics receives direct downloads from your website’s shopping cart to our WMS. We ship direct to consumers with FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We then seamlessly upload tracking information back to the website and make them available on our real-time web portal.

value added service

FLEX Logistics calls this Value Added Readiness because we’re always ready with our flexible work force to keep your supply chain connected and fluid. When the unexpected happens we make it right. We have done thousands of special projects, frequently accommodating one-time only projects.

customer compliance

FLEX Logistics looks at Customer Compliance as an opportunity to show case our systems and work force.  Our WMS and on site programmers can bridge the gap with EDI, integrating with your systems and your trading partners, while our flexible work force prepares the product for shipping.

third party logistics

​​FLEX Logistics provides fundamental 3PL warehousing and distribution services that customers can rely on every day, with real time inventory, serial and lot control, same day shipping and delivery, and a flexible space and work force. We also have online inventory access and reports in real time.

 FLEX Logistics understands that your success is contingent on selling your products through various channels and to a variety of customers. After all, the basic requirement for every product is to first reach its intended customer. Only from thereon, the success story of every business and product begins. Whether you do business with major or small retailers, individual consumers, or with manufacturers who expect your product just-in-time at their production lines, we will handle the warehousing and distribution for you. We will take care of every single detail and requirement in warehousing and distribution, and make it consistently possible to deliver your product to your intended recipients at the designated place. All you need to know is that you have a 3PL warehousing provider that can manage all your logistics requirements. When you work with FLEX, you have the peace of mind in running your business because we provide a variety of warehousing and distribution services to meet your unique needs, and in that variety, we have infused our long experience and carefully designed processes. FLEX is capable of processing any order regardless of your unique business situation and need. We have created systems that are exactly in tune with the needs and realities of business processes. We manage success, we fulfill opportunities, we service the new generation.

3Pl warehousing Services


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