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Let FLEX configure your shipping and warehousing needs. We will provide competitive prices and assure that your products are picked-up and delivered on-time.



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By utilizing our warehouse, our customers have an advantage of expedited delivery by setting up the delivery at the same time the order is placed at our warehouse. Helping the customer plan to “expect the unexpected.”

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Enjoy the benefits of our efficient and competitive transportation division. FLEX Logistics is an asset based Southern California freight carrier, over 25 years moving freight within the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange. Unlike many other Los Angeles trucking companies, we maintain our own trailer fleet and have a dedicated team of trusted owner-operators for reliable delivery of your regular and urgent freight shipments. Our Warehouse customers literally can have FLEX deliver an order the same day the fulfillment order is placed with our warehouse. This is a huge advantage when you need more time to prepare orders, make changes, or accommodate your customers’ late requests, helping you deliver on time, all the time.

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