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Several of our customers supply industrial items to manufacturers.  Textiles, medical supplies, strapping and paper converting items are just some of the common items we have worked with.

Not all chemicals are hazardous.  We have handled raw materials used to produce adhesives, food coloring, and pharmaceutical fillers.  Whether the product comes in bags, drums, pails or totes, we have likely handled it in some form.

We store items ranging from plastic components and textiles, to medical device components and non-hazardous chemicals. And meticulous lot control means we can easily track and isolate products for quality control or recalls. 

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Our bulk and premier rack storage locations are perfect for large or unique items that are used in product manufacturing. Whether items come in totes, drums, or cartons, we have a location that will meet your storage requirements.

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FLEX manages the efficient flow of raw materials, packaging and components to Los Angeles-area factories. Millions of dollars are at stake if a line goes down due to insufficient product, so we’re proud of our perfect record of on-time, error-free delivery. Materials are received and stored at our Ontario, CA warehouse, where inventory is managed and shuttled to factories to support just-in-time production. Shipments are ready for delivery the same day the order is received.

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