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Experience combined with multidisciplinary resources give FLEX the ability to turn tough challenges into assets.  Our value-added readiness is another reason why customers choose FLEX as their third party logistics provider.

Telephone: (800) 350-4567

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Transparency of information means no more guessing.  By understanding your business we are able to supply you with the exact information your business requires.  And with real-time inventory and order reporting, our customers have the flexibility to move fast to adapt to consumer demands.

Today's business world has evolved into a complex and diverse commerce system.  Our process designs adapt to your business' s specific needs, making FLEX a valuable link in your supply chain. Through utilizing a multitude of industry circuits, FLEX gives you, the customer, the flexibility to conduct business your way.

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FLEX knows that visibility is a must throughout the supply chain.  That visibility is accomplished via FLEX’s state-of-the art warehouse management system (WMS).  Our system provides a real-time look into all the critical areas of inventory, order and labor management.  Through FLEX’s Web portal, customers have user friendly secured access to information such as on-hand inventory, shipping, receiving, and lot numbers.  Many of our small and mid-size customers perceive eye-opening experiences, enjoying total cost visibility in comparison to the muddied accounts often found in self-operated warehouses.  Our added hardware around the warehouse is also top-of-the-line and maintained routinely, which provides our customers access to equipment and technology they may not have if they were running their own warehouses.

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